The Apsara is a mythical creature in Hindi and Buddhist mythologies, and the inspiration for Dancing Apsara Fine Jewellery. Designed by a team of two modern-day adventurers, this exclusive jewellery firm set out to create uniquely ornate pieces, fusing ancient Eastern jewellery tradition with Western design and their own deep-rooted love of precious stones.

Company founders Rubia Link and Lisa Furugard Hallstrom Studied Art, Antiques and Jewellery History at Sotheby's Institute and Christie's Education in London before specialising in gemstones and design. The two met while studying at the Gemological Institute of America and soon developed a vision for creating a rare, beautiful and exotic line of their own.

During a trip to Cambodia in search of unusual gems, the two gemologists discovered the legend of the Apsaras, the supernatural muses of ancient Indian Royal courts. Inspired by the tales of these seductive ancient Goddesses, the designers continued their journey to source genuine, rare, precious and semi - precious stones throughout the Far East. At the end of their adventure, the idea was formed for a line of jewellery that could have been worn by these Goddesses - The Dancing Apsara.

"Our inspiration stems from ancient cultures, the type of gold that they used and how it was traditionally combined with beautiful stones", said designer Lisa Furugard Hallstrom. "There is a sense of mythology about these ancient jewels that we want to bring to life in our pieces. we would like for every woman to feel that she is in possession of a rare treasure that will bring her confidence, strength, happiness and beauty for years to come."